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  1. U

    For Sale ATLANTA: 1989 Toyota BJ75 - let's try this again

    1989 BJ 75 161,114 kms New ARB roof rack New window tint Brand new batteries Brand new tires Replaced sunroof New Brakes New power steering pump Heat works great $28,900 Purchased as a marketing vehicle to sit in front of my office and be eye candy for traffic going by. My buddy purchased it...
  2. U

    For Sale Atlanta: 1989 BJ75 for sale. Red. Roof rack. Used to be an ambulance in Poland.

    $28,990 1989 bJ75. Red. Parallel bench seats in the back. New brakes, power steering, engine tune up. Roof rack. Tented windows.
  3. Nikofzj80

    Builds 1985 BJ75 Build - Argentina

    Hi Guys! I am looking for some advice on the following matter. I currently own a 1996 HZJ75 that has been transplanted with a 1FZF engine. Overall condition is regular. Missing rear seat, and needs bodywork. Also rear axles and brakes been converted to disc, not a nice job as far as im...
  4. theglobb

    The "Red Rocket" Troopy Build

    Hello all! Around a month ago my father and I bought a LHD 1987 BJ75 Troopy, previously owned by 4btfjz80CO93 and imported by gilmorneau from France, to be my daily driver. Reading through Gilmorneau's for sale thread it seemed that people were interested in what would happen with this Troopy...
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