1. A

    For Sale  bj-44 middle fold/tumble seat

    1500.00, rebuilt seat with left/right side arm pads. now grey pm if interested. trades considered. i had it in my troopy. I also have the front 60/40 seats perfect shape, plus the single set of long rear back side seats., and seatbelts that i'm not using. if anybody needs these let me know. i'd...
  2. kennichi

    Prado LJ78 Radiator upgrades/mods????????

    I have a 1990 LJ78 and my radiator needs to be replace. I'm thinking of buying this radiator on ebay TOYOTA SURF HILUX 2.4 2.0 LN130 all aluminum Radiator with oil cooler AT/MT I'm not too much of an expert on cars but can someone please tell me if this radiator will be compatible for my LJ78...
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