big tires

  1. PanchoLedezma

    Big Tires = PSF Leak?

    Have some of you found a problem with the power steering pump, after set your tires. Or this pump work fine even some 38.1 Thanks in advance!
  2. TwelveGravity

    Big Tires / Little Axles

    Curious what biggest size tires most people would be comfortable putting on Chromo 30 spline toyota axles. The bigger you go I understand you will start breaking things and also depending on how conservative or aggressive your driving style is on the trail. One friend of mine ran 38" Super...
  3. HaiiroKuma

    Brand New to This Forum and LX470's!

    Hey guys and gals, My name is Blake and I am a pro photographer and I live in Texas. I have never had a LC or LX but have always wanted one. I just flew to Cali and bought a 1 owner 98 in Smoky Topaz Mica. The owner was like 70 and I doubt the poor Lexus had ever seen a dirt parking lot, let...
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