bfg 33 x 10.5 x 15 ko2s

  1. Ali M

    2016 LC 200 wheels and tires options

    So I have been looking at replacing my stock wheels and tires w/new more off road worthy. I have seen many owners using different tires on their 2008-14 LC 200 ranging from BFG, Toyos, Nittos, Falken, Cooper and the list goes on, but I really need to know, which of these tires will offer the...
  2. dkyuss

    Finally Bought my first CRUISER!

    Well guys, Thanks in advance. I have learned so much here already! I have been drooling over these things for years (40's and 60's) and about a month ago I finally bit the bullet and picked up a relatively cheap 81 BJ60, drove 200kms home and parked it has been ever since. First some initial...
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