1. A

    H55F Transmission shifting issue

    Hey all first time on IH8MUD, I am nearing the end of my mechanical restoration of a 1985 FJ60. I got the old beast started yesterday for the first time and realized I was unable to shift into gear. I have replaced the original 4 speed with a H55F transmission, which in the process I replaced...
  2. Alexh85

    Winching Backwards

    I was being an idiot again, and i got stuck with no one to pull me out backwards, so i tried winching backwards with pulleys. Too see if it actually works, or is it just a story people tell when their drunk. This is how i rigged up my winch rope; I didn't want to break anything, so i took...
  3. B1oodyBuzzard

    Head work recommendations

    Thought I'd throw this out there for future searches. I recently pulled my valve cover to investigate a rapid clicking noise thinking I just needed to adjust a rocker. To my horror I found a significant amount of rust on the rocker arm assembly and evidence of coolant, along with a stuck...
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