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  1. Rudster

    Back issues of Overland Journal for sale

    I have issues from 2009 - 2016 for sale. Each Year has Winter, Spring Summer, Fall edition along with a Gear edition. Selling each year for $20.00 (more than 1/2 off of what a new subscription is) CASH and local pickup only. Can bring to meeting. Crack open a beer, recline in your favorite...
  2. S

    Massive collection of Toyota Trails for sale

    Hello, I have an almost complete set of Toyota Trails, from Jan 2003 through November/December 2016. I have EVERY issue, EXCEPT these 7: July/Aug 2004, Jan/Feb 2005, Jan/Feb 2007, June/Aug 2008, Sept/Oct 2010, Mar/Apl 2010 and Jan/Feb 2010. They're in good shape. I was doing the design of the...
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