1. S

    Trade  5 like 315/75/16 General Grabber AT2

    I have 5 General Grabber AT2s. 4 of them are mounted on Cruiser rims. The 5th has a small hole in the side but is basically brand new and if someone wanted, it could be used as a spare. The other 4 have 95% maybe more tread left. I am looking to trade as these are the only tires I have. I am...
  2. Markuson

    Anyone fitting 305/70/17 ?

    And yes... I looked through the wheel & Tire Tech section and found nearly nothing... Curious whether the Toyo 305/70/17 AT2 is/was mounted on any of your rigs and if so, if there were any issues with fitment. It's only a small bit wider than 285/75/17...which I know will fit...and basically...
  3. krice118

    General Grabber AT2

    I am posting this because I want this to be helpful in the chore of finding new tireS, or in my case your first offroad tire. After 100 miles I love the General Grabber AT2. They are so quiet. Barely noticeable but when you hear them you smile. Excellent in wet conditions. I will be updating...
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