ash tray


    Wanted  FJ60 Rear Door Ash Tray- Brown

    Wanted: Rear side door Brown Ash tray. I need just the brown ash tray part- not the bezel. Anyone have one extra?
  2. tstepp920

    Wanted  FJ40 Ash Tray 1980

    WTB an Ash Tray for a 5/80 FJ40 . It will have the plastic face of the drawer like the photo. It doesn't have to be perfect. The face must be in great condition. I can have the rest rechromed Photo credit to Indygbd
  3. Don Kent

    Swap for ash tray in 80 series LC

    Does anyone know of any modifications available to swap out the ash tray for something usable, i.e. drink holder, switch panel, etc? It is just wasted space and I would love to be able to put SPOD switches or something of value in that spot but I can't find anyone that makes a plug and play...
  4. Bama80

    Wanted  Ash tray for 2000 TLC

    I'm an idiot and left my car unlocked and some nice person helped themselves to my ashtray full of change. Couldn't be too upset since they left me my fly rods, but I would like to replace it. The constant green glow on the center gear shift console is less than pleasing to the eye. One for tan...
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