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  1. MTXPrez

    Looking for a good shop in AZ to build a 97 LX450 into a better off-road only truck.

    We got this LX450 new in 1997. It has 75,000 miles on it and now stays at our cabin in Pine AZ full time. Recently I had to go tow home our CanAm X3 and almost did not make it back out of of the canyon where the X3 broke down due to the 4 wheel drive being disconnected. I’m looking for someone...
  2. LittleRedWgon

    Wanted  FJ60 PS Fender needed

    Hey gang, I need a passenger side front fender... no color preference.. just straight. I can have it shipped, pick it up or do Fastenal. Just need it... I am restoring a 83fj60 with my daughters for first rig.. need a few more parts before paint! I’m in Phoenix area..85296 Thanks!!
  3. CruiseLanderAZ

    Firestone Lifetime Alignment - recommendations in Arizona?

    I'm looking to get the Lifetime alignment from Firestone since I'm making incremental changes over the year. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with certain Firestone locations in the valley? Hoping someone knows of a good tech that's familiar with lifted cruisers.
  4. allworknoplay

    Parting Out  1986 FJ60 in Arizona

    Helping a buddy list up his '86 FJ60 he started parting out locally but needs it gone. Despite being in Arizona now it's originally from New England and has an unusable frame. The body has some usable stuff, there's some decent interior parts, tailgate is nice, doors are pretty good, rocker...
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