anza borrego

  1. leucadiacruiser

    Sad news out of Anza Borrego - be careful out there.

  2. perrobravo

    Year 5 with the 100

    This month marks another great year with the 100! Here is a quick list of the mods and maintenance stuff as well as 12 pictures from the last 12 months. As noted last year, the frequency and extent of modifications is slowing down, but the trips getting even more enjoyable! Link to last...
  3. N

    Anza Borrego newbie advice? (Escondido California)

    Hello All, I just signed up and hopefully am posting this in a suitable place. I intend to buy a TE or TEP 4Runner in the near future and am hoping for some thoughts specific to Anza Borrego and the following constraints: I intend to not do any modifications anytime soon. I've grown up...
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