antenna mast

  1. Asanka

    Another telescopic antenna mast thread, OEM or knockoffs or get rid of it?

    Broken the antenna mast at a carwash, then replaced twice with Amazon and eBay knockoffs. Neither survived more than a month or two, failed internally!
  2. GhostriderMW

    Antenna Recommendations?

    Hello- I have a 1990 FJ62 Land Cruiser and I'm looking for a burly, handle-anything antenna. I'll keep mine mounted off the hood where I currently have one, unless someone has a recommendation for one mounted elsewhere. Thanks for any recommendations you can offer! -Mike
  3. pkfj60

    Replacement Antenna mast does not fit

    With the 1997 80 series I recently purchased, the PO was nice enough to include an antenna mast he did not install. New in package Aerpro AP255. I opened the antenna motor, and removed the old cable, and tried to insert the new one as stated in previous threads. However, I still had a whole...
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