alarm system

  1. cruiserhound

    Vehicle Alarm System

    I'm a new owner of a '91 FJ, it's from California and has an alarm system. I have not had a chance to poke around, but I'm curious if this was an OEM option from Toyota? I'm thinking it is not a Toyota option. The key fob is not an original Toyota fob but that doesn't necessarily mean the alarm...
  2. J

    Blown Radiator and a host of other issues...

    '97 80 w/ 202000+ miles Long story short: Blown radiator/overheating followed by "dead" battery and wacky response from alarm system. The long story: Heading home from work the other day when the check engine light popped on. Immediately after this the temp gauge pegged all the way into the...
  3. Ohanlon

    Wanted  Remote for 1998 Toyota VIP alarm/keyless entry.

    I finally installed aftermarket alarm... working well now. This truck had an alarm with no beeper or remote... kind of a pain. Sincerely, Mike
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