Wits' End 80 Series OEM Bumper Mounted Rear Tire Carrier (formerly AJIK)

    Well, now that I am about to start shipping out the next batch of York Kits starting on Sat and the Battery Disconnects are just waiting on laser etching, and the rear air tank shelf is in production, I think its time to FINALLY get moving on the Rear Tire Carrier for the 80 Series. This is new...
  2. cruiserdan

    LANDTANK fan clutch for S/C 1FZ

    Rick and I go back a long way and I have always admired his "gadgets". He has come up with a way to run a stock fan on a supercharged 1FZ without using spacers or creating other clearance issues. He takes a diesel clutch that has a "stem" that is ~8mm taller than stock and machines out the...
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