air intake manifold

  1. G

    Valve Clicking after Air Intake Manifold removed to replace PHH

    Dealer-maintained FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 1FZ-FE engine has about 100K city/highway miles. I took it to a non-dealer to have PHH replaced. They had to remove the Air Intake Manifold (upper and lower) to replace the PHH (which was bulging and leaking) with an Xtreme Silicone Pesky Heater Hose...
  2. lechnito

    Air intake manifold / EGR service? Pic heavy!

    My 1990 FJ62 has always idled a little high at 900 - 1000 RPM for as long as I've owned the vehicle. So I started a project this weekend to clean out my throttle body and recalibrate the throttle position sensor. Turns out that the throttle body was already pretty clean but the air intake...
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