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  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  For Engine Swaps: 91FJ80 shifter and 96FJ80 Air Filter Lid

    So Cal: Shifter $110 with good knob included Air Filter Lid $40, Air Filter Body $15 Shipping possible. Send Private Message Please
  2. waiting for time

    DIY fume extraction, what is the best affordable solution.

    looking into building a fume extraction system for my shop. Using a cheap fan with a 30 something cm hose and a big filter bag at he end. I’m looking at Creating a twin system with suction inlets that can be pointed at the welding area. I’m open for idea’s.
  3. J

    Air Cleaner Refurb/Seals

    I’m finishing refurbishing my 1977 FJ40 OEM air cleaner. All seals are no longer available from Toyota. I did some searching and found that most people address the seal around the edge of the air cleaner cover with little mention of the seals on the top and bottom of the filter itself. To me it...
  4. J

    FZJ80 Clogged air filter sensor and Indication

    Ok Ih8mud guys, this is my first thread ever on this forum and actually on any forum, so please be nice if I have screwed something up. I have been reading a lot on this forum and thought its time to do my part, so here it goes. I own a 1996 Fzj80 triple locked, I love this car (ex range rover...
  5. Krondor

    Wanted  Air Cleaner for single barrel carb

    I am looking for a paper element air cleaner that would fit an SD40 carb.
  6. Richfj60

    FREE  FJ60 Carb cooler and air filter housing- pick up only

    Hey Mudders, I have some extra parts that I don't want to move. An air filter housing (think its from an 85 FJ60) and a carb cooler fan. As is, where is. Located on Mount Vernon, WA. Not going to ship it, so don't ask! Rich
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  K and N Air Filter for FJ80 Landcruiser/Lexus

    SoCal $52.46 shipped within 48 states USA Very good condition.
  8. HeavyD

    Wanted  Air filter assembly brackets

    I need the 2 mounting brackets for the 2F air filter assembly that bolt to the valve cover. Let me know if anyone has them. Thanks, Darren.
  9. D

    Air filter for really fine dust

    What's the best air filter for a very dusty environment with very very fine dust? Playa dust, in case anyone's familiar with that. It's not very abrasive, and not that bad for the lungs, but is pretty much the finest naturally occurring substance I've ever run across. I'm thinking about a two...
  10. tucker74

    For Sale  100 Series cabin air filter

    Ordered this and it turns out my '06 doesn't have cabin filters, still new in OEM box: $15 + ride Tucker
  11. tucker74

    For Sale  3FE MAF adaptor for cone style air filter

    This bolts to the MAF on a 3FE to allow you to use a K&N cone style filter. $5 + ride Tucker
  12. warimono

    For Sale  1973 F engine air filter assembly

    For sale: 1973 F engine air filter assembly Great shape for its age. Could use new gaskets. Missing factory wing nut and washer. Includes a K&N filter. $150.00 plus shipping from 89145, LV NV. USPS money order only.
  13. KYLandy

    Intake Air Filter (not the replaceable one)

    I read on here somewhere about the non-replaceable air filter in the intake air box and was wondering if it can be removed permanently. I'm not talking about the air filter element that you can replace I am talking about the one that is in the top section of the air filter box. Has anyone...
  14. Scubadoc

    BJ42 reusable air filter replacement

    Gents, I have a 1982 Aussie BJ42lx with a reusable oil bath air filter. Can I just replace the filter element with a disposable one? I don't really want to clean the element and deal with the oil bath. There was no oil in the canister when I got the truck. Anyone know the right replacement...
  15. RedComet

    Wanted  FJ80 Air Filter Dust Collector (Tuna Can)

    Mine has officially rusted through. Does anyone have a spare in decent shape? (Or know of a place to find a replacement?) I'm going to sandblast and re-finish it anyways. Original is off a 1992 FJ80. Thanks, Jon
  16. burbuja96

    For Sale  80s miscellaneous. M/T ECU, fridge console, reservoir

    *updated* Hi, I have a few parts for sale. Located in Texas -M/T ECU 97+ 80 petrol PN 89661-60340. Brand new $750 . I believe this will clear CEL light on H151F conversions . I could source a used one for better price just let me know. -Steering pump reservoir ( large) will fit 70s and 80s...
  17. Ellison

    K&N Air Filter

    Like all things in life, opinions vary about these air filters. I just replaced my FJ60 with one. I noticed that it was smaller, slightly, but still smaller than the one installed previously. Any one using a K&N? Any feedback pro or con?
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