african outback

  1. TXBruiser

    African Outback Roof Rack Knobs

    Looking for some help from someone with a African Outback Roof Rack. I Lost both Escape Hatch knobs on a recent road trip. If anyone happens to own a AO rack with the escape hatch could you post up the length and thread size? Im going to order some off Grainger but unsure what the specs are...
  2. cruisercesar

    SOLD  FoxWing Awning by OzTent and African Outback Loadbars

    FoxWing Awning by OzTent SOLD. African Outback load bars (4) SOLD. Awning is complete and in very good condition. Excellent design and function. Provides tons of shade and coverage. Easy to set-up and take-down. African Outback load bars (4) provide a solid mounting platform for RTTs...
  3. C

    For Sale  Full Length African Outback Roof Rack for 80 Series/Seattle

    I'm selling a full length, silver, African Outback roof rack for an 80 series. It has the sunroof hatch and an under-mount camp table. I also have two jerry can holders (each holds 2x20L) and a shovel mount. Located in Seattle. Ideally, would prefer local but will ship at buyers cost. $700...
  4. Skidoo

    SOLD  African Outback half length roof rack 100 series LC. NoCal

    African Outback half length roof rack for 100 series LC ($600) $400 The aluminum rack is 49 1/4 inches wide x 49 1/4 inches long and sits about 4 1/8" above the roof (see photo). Each top slat has 2 T-slots for 6mm nuts. The parameter rail has T-slots on top and bottom sides for 8mm nuts...
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