ac lines

  1. MFMCygnus

    Mystery oil leak coming from rear

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2006 LX470 and walking to my car this morning I saw a small puddle of oil behind the right rear wheel. Upon closer inspection the leak seems to originate from 2 pipes directly behind the wheel. Am I right in thinking these are the infamous ac lines leaking? Haven’t seen the...
  2. ZackR

    AC Line Replacement

    I'm planning to get the AC working on my 94' cruiser and wanted to solicit feedback on line replacement vs repair. As it currently stands the AC system is empty due to a hole in the line (red arrow) where it passes through the battery box. I was considering something such as an ATP line splice...
  3. Ninja Cruiser100

    Air Conditioner (AC) Line Inspection and Repair

    I have done a search and read every AC thread I could find. I have a 2000 LC with a very small small that 2 so called AC experts have done a pressure test and said it is fine. It's not fine. After 2-3 weeks the 134a is leaking out to the point that the car will no longer cool - I live...
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