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    AC clutch has a built in puller

    I had not noticed this before and have seen several people on here mention how the splines are sometimes stuck/rusted on the AC clutch. Apparently they gave us a puller. Just remove the m6 bolt, screw in an M10 bolt, tap it with a hammer and it should pop free.
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    Recharging AC Help!

    My compressor recently seized up on me so I replaced compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, and all o-rings. I rented manifold set and vacuum pump and its holding a vacuum. When attempting to refill the low side pressure shoots up to 100-110 with the vehicle running. I couldn't get the...
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    HVAC Trouble 2002 Land Cruiser

    First, thank you in advance to anyone that can offer some help or insight to my problem. Am the original owner of a 2002 Land Cruiser with 82K miles now. AC stopped working. Gas pressure is good. AC diagnostic code is 47 but the following tests fail: COMPRESSOR LOCK SENSOR RESISTANCE reads...
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