1. Mr DNA

    A340H Transfer Stuck in 4Lo after Trans swap

    Hey all- after a ~8 year time period away from Toyota 4x4s (well, all 4x4s, sadly) I recently picked up a 94 4Runner with the 3VZE and A340H trans/transfer. I got it at a very good price with low (for the year) miles mainly because the transmission, while completely functional, had a nice crack...
  2. TwelveGravity

    Wanted A340H, Rebuilt or Lightly Used. (CA)

    Good evening. In search of an A340H to replace the shot auto in a 1991 Toyota 4runner 3.0V6. I have checked with a few local transmission shops which claim it will cost more money to pull it and have it rebuilt than it would be to find one used. The plan is to remove the current transmission &...
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