1. OffRoadScott

    850J questions

    Okay so after a lot of research my brain is dead trying to figure this out on my own. Currently, I have the OME 2.5 medium-lift with the 851 springs in the front. Plans have a front bumper, winch in the future. Would the 850J be too much after the added weight, would the front still sit...
  2. C

    Wanted  850J/863 full kit for '96 80

    Hi all, looking for a full 850J/863 kit for '96 80. Located in Salt Lake City, UT. Full kit is preferred; please advise if I'm missing anything (extended brake lines?): (2) OME front coil springs ( 850J Extended Length with 60070L Shocks) (2) OME rear springs ( 863 Heavy load | 863J Heavy...
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