1. 1973Guppie

    For Sale Used 80 Series OME 850 and 863 springs with shocks

    just pulley these to install a J lift. Springs are dirty but still in good usable shape. Shocks are old and should be replaced. They still rebound and are free if you want them. These are the heavy 2.5 inch lift springs. Front pair are the 850, rear pair is the 863. Would prefer not to ship but...
  2. Farrell Martin

    Wanted OME 851 or 850 Springs

    Anyone going heavier/higher or back to stock and have some 850 or 851 springs to get rid of. Let me know. Thanks - F
  3. SkyMall

    Builds The Big Beast - My 1994 TLC Build Thread

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my story! I've been fascinated by the 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser since my neighbor got a shiny new one back in 1995. (It was a soccer mom grocery getter and I suspect it never saw a dirt road.. Haha!) Over the years I have occasionally looked for a nice used...
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