1. TheFoolishkings


    So seemingly out of nowhere my AC in my 1994 FZJ80 has started blowing my instrument panel 10fuse everytime I turn it on. I have had the vehicle for 6 months and it's been perfect, but just this week started to act up. Anybody have any idea of what may be causing this? Electrical is not my...
  2. Meltdwn

    Wanted  Rear bumper and tire carrier for 80 Series.

    New member here. Happy to find some like-minded enthusiasts! I recently purchased a '96 Land Cruiser w/ 6" lift and 37" tires. It lacks a rear bumper. I'd like to get one with a tire carrier as the first priority. A ladder/can carrier is a second wish, but not critical. Also looking for...
  3. D


    Hey guys, I’m wanting to replace the old sub tank gauge in my 1995 1FZFE with a new modern gauge incorporated into my overhead console. My question is that does anyone here have a wiring diagram or any other info on what sub tank gauge wires Lead to where? cheers.
  4. A

    80 body on SAS 100 Chassis

    In preparation for the 2uzfe swap into the 80, a brew aided conversation with my soon to be helpers brought up this idea. Would it be possible to take the body off the 80, and mate it with a SAS conversion 100 chassis, with engine, harness, and complete drivetrain intact, just minus the Hundy...
  5. E

    Guide video

    Hey guys just curious if there are any animate Video showing complete how to work on 80 series.
  6. Bradley wells

    Anybody have a 3d sketchup model of an 80 series i can download

    Hey guys anyone in here have a 3d model of an 80 series that I can download can't seem to find any cheers.
  7. Bolero2

    For Sale  CALGARY

    ISO engine harness for 1995 80series. FZFE
  8. Nino99

    For Sale  San Diego, CA

    Hi, I have some third row seats out of a 91 LC in perfect working condition just some minimal ware (brown color) since they where never really used. Pick up only. Shoot me an offer or if you have something to trade for them (gear or accessories) let me know. I can send pictures.
  9. peggyfzj80

    Custom Tube Bumpers and Flat Rack

    This is too cool!!! 🤩💜Peggy got a bunch of custom steel tube work done 💥🔥I’ve had these designs drawn up for years. When I was finally ready to do it, Mike @ Bump it Offroad @bumpitoffroad (Windsor, Colorado) was happy to take on the project. Both front and rear bumpers are bolt on and all the...
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