80 springs

  1. Beej

    For Sale  OEM 80 Springs - SOLD

  2. pkelly72

    For Sale  Front and Rear OEM LX450 Springs

    Front and rear springs are from a 1997 LX 450 with 230k miles. Also have a set of monroe or some yellow type (not OME) of shocks for F&R. I'd prefer not to ship but if so, buyer pays actual shipping. $80 for the springs for both F&R. I'd like a 6 pack of beer or equivalent for the shocks...
  3. 97fzj80az

    For Sale  80 Stock springs

    4 stock springs off my 1997 LandCruiser (2 front & 2 rear). They are boxed and ready to ship, $100 plus the ride for the full set.
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