80 series bullbar

  1. mrq

    Wanting to get an ARB front bumper – have many Q’s – would love some answers from people who have one on their rig

    Hi, all! I have a ‘94 FZJ and I am wanting to get an ARB front bumper for it. I have many questions, and I am hoping that some of you that have ARB’s on your rig could help me out. I will be getting the non-winch version. (I will never use a winch, so I don’t want the winch version). I’ve done...
  2. O Ironman

    Vendor  Wilsonville, OR - LC 80 Series Bumpers back in stock! FREE SHIPPING

    80 Series bumpers are back in stock and itching to get out on the trail! $1,299 with free shipping. https://ironman4x4america.com/toyota-80-series-land-cruiser-lexus-lx450-classic-off-road-bumper/ Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser/Lexus LX450 Classic Off Road Bumper The Ironman 4x4 Deluxe...
  3. 80 series Ironman 4x4 Bumper

    80 series Ironman 4x4 Bumper

    Big, beautiful, beefy 80 Series bumper
  4. Y

    For Sale  ARB 80 series non winch bullbar $500.00 Lakeside, AZ

    Bought my truck with this bumper installed. Recently replaced it with the winch variant. No crashes, no problems, no bulls hit. A buyer of the OCD persuasion will want to paint it. $500.00 cash. Will consider trades for a clean set of 5 Toyota OEM or TRD 16" rims, a rooftop tent, a 52-54 cm...
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