72 fj40

  1. T

    For Sale 72 FJ40 frame

    For sale Frame in good shape with surface rust only. Outriggers and body mounts are all solid. PRICE DROP $400 $350 Located in Buffalo, NY.
  2. R

    72 fj40 fuel gauge loose needle

    the fuel gauge needle is loose. is there a photo somewhere on how it should connect?
  3. M

    For Sale 72 FJ40 Windshield Frame - GA

    i have a windshield frame and windshield in decent shape from a 72 fj40. The glass is cracked but the frame is solid with only surface rust. I'm in GA and I'm not thrilled about shipping but I'm open to it but I doubt it would be cheap. $150
  4. H

    For Sale FJ40 projects

    72 and a 77 FJ Both rolling chassis with bodies and axles. 72 does not have any other drivetrain. The 76 has a disc front, 2f, 4 speed trans and case with a pretty good tub. I have both front fenders and can put a decent one piece hood on it if wanted but otherwise what you see is what you...
  5. M

    For Sale 72 FJ40 Hood Hinges

    Up for sale is a good solid set of hood hinges from a 72 FJ40. $30 shipped I wire wheeled them some but the could use a good blasting and paint of your choice.
  6. M

    For Sale 72 FJ40 Windshield Hinges

    I have for sale is a set of windshield hinges from a 72 fj40. I have wire wheeled them and they show some pitting but they are solid. $65 shipped.
  7. E

    72 FJ40 Drum Brakes

    just a couple simple brake related questions, firstly, I purchased a full "set" of 8 brake cylinders, they all have the same piston size, I know that originally had the fronts were slightly larger 1.11-1.12" , mine are all the smaller of the two sizes, .997". is this going to be a problem...
  8. Defcon989

    72 FJ40 master cylinder question

    Going through my 72 FJ40 to get it ready for its first run and have a brake issue. It has the stock drums on all four, replaced all of the wheel cylinders and pads and turned the drums. After a couple days bleeding the system with my boy no dice. Pedal would go to floor each time on the first...
  9. T

    For Sale 72 FJ40 heater knob and blower

    Blower motor out of my parts car. Tested and works! Includes knob and cable. $75 plus ship from 14201 buffalo NY
  10. T

    For Sale 72 FJ40 windshield

    Windshield from a factory soft top 72 Has aftermarket snaps for soft top Glass, frame and rubber is in great shape except for surface pitting beneath hinge mount areas. Includes wiring harness for wiper motor. Hinges also available. $200 plus ship from Buffalo, NY
  11. E

    transmission / tansfer case

    so im in the process of rebuilding my transmission and transfer case with new barrings, seals paint etc. etc. thanx to all the info on ih8mud, things went very smoothly, however as i attempted to tighten the transfer input shaft to what my book says 101-108 ft lbs of torque ive stripped out...
  12. M

    For Sale 72 FJ40 Parts Instrument Cluster

    i have a pretty rough 72 FJ40 instrument cluster. The gauges look to be toast but the housing looks good. I figured somebody could use it. $25 plus the ride.
  13. T

    Wanted Lower door patch for 72 FJ40

    Looking for a patch for my driver's side door. Can't find a patch for sale online for anything earlier than a 75
  14. M

    For Sale 72 FJ40 Door Hinges GA

    I have a set of four FJ40 door hinges that came off a 72 FJ40. They aren't pristine but they are solid. $75 shipped.
  15. T

    For Sale FJ40 body panels, bezel, fender, etc

    From a '72 parts car. All prices not including shipping unless stated. Will combine shipping on multiple items. Please reply or PM with parts you want in subject Drivers fender: $150 pretty good shape. A few holes but very repairable. Has all the wire tie downs still. Aprons (both sides)...
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