1. 78f150tx

    Need a 54mm Axle Lock Nut Socket

    Anyone in or near Conway that owns one I could borrow for the afternoon? Repacking my front bearings and would like to use the correct tool rather than go completely shade tree. Thnx!
  2. R

    54mm, 2 1/8" socket

    Quick post in case anyone does a search...no sense in everybody shelling out the $$ for a one-time project (rotors/axle etc). Just bought one and happy to share. PM if you want to borrow.

    54mm and Rear Hub Sockets

    54mm hub sockets. A handy tool to have when rebuilding your knuckles. 54mm-----$25.00 shipped Rear Hub-----$28.00 shipped 54mm Hub Socket Rear Hub Socket Jason 54mm Rear Hub
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