1. HazemKhalil

    Thanks for having me!

    I bought a 1997 Limited 4WD Auto last year with 163k on the dash (lies: Carfax said 254k so I got it for cheaper) as a daily driver to take a load off the 20k/year I was putting on my old BMW. I was taking the BMW to the Poconos, Catskills, Adirondacks, etc. I love the outdoors and the poor car...
  2. CruiseLanderAZ

    Bilstein B8 5125 rear fitment

    Anybody know if these will fit a 100 with 1-2" lift? The lengths seem in line with other offerings. Bilstein website says 5/8" hourglass eye bushing (not sure if that's what we have) and top stem mount. Seeing a few lengths in 2 valving rates... the ones below caught my eye. P/N 33-230337...
  3. M

    Installing 5100s/OME885s

    Morning all. I've got an 06 DC and got a few deliveries recently. OME885 coils w/5100 in front and AALs w/billys in rear from wheelers, high angle CV boots from ORS, diff drop from fat bobs. I wasn't sure how much lift i would see from the 885's so the 5100's are mounted in the coil on the...
  4. 562uned

    Struts? really confused.

    Hey everyone, been a while since ive posted (so long that i had to create a new user account because i couldnt figure out the old one) last time around i had an fj60. i recently sold my 99 4runner and bought a 99 100 series LC. Love the truck so far. ANYWAY I've been researching struts for the...
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