4x4 troubleshooting

  1. Surftruck

    FJ62 4Lo shifter stuck in place

    Hey, 4 Hi engages fine via button on dash. 4 low shifter seems to be stuck in place, I am afraid to force it and severely damage something. Can not engage 4 low. Have not had time to get in there and look around. Figured it was worth reaching out to see if this is a common issue before I start...
  2. Colington

    How does my 4x4 work? I feel stupid.

    I feel silly asking, but I have a rare bird here. It's a 1989 JDM HJ61 (rhd) with a five speed and 12-ht diesel. It has a 4wd button at my left knee and the light engages as well as a lever 2H-N-4LO on the floor. Up front it has Asisn locking hubs. First thing first; I thought it was a...
  3. T

    4x4 Troubleshooting Help Please! 06 Taco

    Hey everyone! Have been perusing the google machine trying to find a solid answer to my problem as well as trying to get my local mechanic to work on my truck(he is trying to leave town.. ahh! hah) Seems like a great group of people around here and I haven't thought why not! So here we go...
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