4wd shifter

  1. 4WDMan

    PTO Winch and 4WD Operation

    I have a 1970 FJ40 with 3 speed on the column. I have attached a picture showing 3 items. I am trying to figure out how to engage the 4wd and how to work the winch. Could someone enlighten me on both and the correct sequence?
  2. Bodda

    Anyone familiar with the Middle East 80 Series?

    Hey guys, I recently just moved to Qatar, and looking into getting a LC for driving to work everyday, but most importantly wheeling! There is this sweet automatic 1995 LC I'm looking at with only 237 000 km in pretty good condition. There some things about it that I'm not sure of though: -It...
  3. psulick3

    Transfer Case Shifter Question...

    So after paging through about 20 pages of previous threads, I couldn't find one that answered my question. So here goes: I rarely drive my stock '84 FJ60 offroad in 4wd (about twice per year), but I put it in 4H at least once per month and cruise around for ten or fifteen minutes just to keep...
  4. xtturbox

    67 fj40 transfer case id

    I have a 67 fj40 with chevy 350 and automatic trans.... does not have 4wd shifter installed and looking to put one in. question is trying to see if anyone knows what transfer case this is and if I can put a twin stick in it.
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