4wd not working

  1. J

    4wd issue following front axle rebuild

    Hey folks Having a wee issue with the 4wd on my bj60. Back in August I tackled the front axle of my cruiser, replacing as all seals and bearings, and following what I thought was the standard disassembly/assembly procedure. A Greasy job that one. Anywhoo since I slapped it back together I've...
  2. H

    HDJ81 transfer case will not shift into 4Hi

    Yesterday we took our 5-speed manual 1991 HDJ81 out on some 4wd roads. We had been using both 4Hi and 4Lo, depending on the terrain, throughout the day. Towards the end of our trip I tried to shift back into 4Hi using the transfer case shifter (H-N-L), but was unable to no matter what I tried...
  3. spdracr58

    Projects car woahs

    Finally got the engine sorted out in the Cruiser and took it on the first run of the season to Hollister Hills with a group of Jeeps. Made it there without issue. Engine was running great. Go to start heading out and the transfer case popped out of 4lo, no big deal, got it into 4hi, kept...
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