4lo not engaging

  1. Q

    HELP - Center Diff Lock and 4Low

    I have a fair amount of experience with 100-series Cruisers, some with 80-series, but NONE with 200-series. I am looking at buying a 2008 LX 570 with 228,000 miles, from the original owner. I know him and I know how the truck has been treated and maintained. In short, I have no concerns, save...
  2. Tio Conejo

    4Lo Not Engaging on a 2009 LC200 (V8 petrol)

    I recently purchased a 2009 LC200 (V8 Petrol) with 89,000 miles from a Lady that apparently never took this car offroading. The price was so attractive $20,000 that I only drove around the block, everything went smooth and did not test the 4x4 system because I thought this car was unbreakable...
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