1. Wookie95

    Wanted  YUKON gears 4:88 for REAR third member on 80 series

    Moved to big boy tires and need to gear the rear. I have already purchased front locker with Yukon 4:88 and need a set for the rear.
  2. OffRoadScott

    Looking for someone

    That has a driveline setup similar to what I want to do. I am thinking of going with either 4.88 with 35s' or 5.29 with 37s'. If you do not mind meeting with me so I can drive/ride with you to see how it runs and reacts to the 4.88 or 5.29. Thanks for your time.
  3. gearinstalls.com

    For Sale  9.5" FJ80 3rd with Nitro 488 gears

    700 SHIPPED in the 48 states. Landcruiser 9.5" 3rd member with Nitro 488 gears. Fits the FJ60/62/80's ...... and will work in the rear semi-floaters(FJ60's) after the 488 ring gear has been clearanced on 1 or 2 teeth and I can do that if needed. These gears have less than 3000 miles usage...
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