1. cannedcruiser

    What Countries Were 45 and 47 Troopies Built and Sold?

    As the title says, I'm trying to nail down what countries around the world these Troopies were originally manufactured and originally sold. Anyone know of lists and sites identifying this? Also interested in the same info for 75 and 78 Troopies. Thanks.
  2. rideglobally

    Air condition on HJ 47 RHD

    i have the oem air conditioning unit on my rig, 1983 HJ 47 RHD. when it is working it is great, however i have had issues with it every year...... last year it was the evaporator leaking...etc. i am trying to figure out if i rebuild or replace it. i did a search i know there are aftermarket unit...
  3. Trollhole


    I did this in the 55 section and it has done really well. https://forum.ih8mud.com/fj55-iron-pig-preservation-society/246266-oem-fj55-parts-stock.html If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 40 and you know the price and year it came from post it up. I cannot...
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