1. krice118

    eBay  Super charged 4.7 Sequioa $5,500

    2003 Toyota Sequoia limited | eBay Would be a cheap way to get a 4.7 supercharger. Buy Sequioa remove charger and components Rebuild the charger Slap the superecharger onto a 100 and sell the sequoia
  2. dadswithcars

    For Sale  1999 Land Cruiser 100 290k

    We are selling our family's Land Cruiser. We bought this truck from the first owner, who had taken immaculate care of it. We have continued to take great care of it-- so, washes and oil changes! The 4.7 2UZ-FE V8 engine is smooth and quiet as it should be. There are no vibrations or extraneous...
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