1. php74

    For Sale 1975 FJ40 no rust, 440 v8, ps, soa

    Never thought I'd do this, but selling my FJ40 (or trade for 4wd Tacoma). SOA, power steer setup (done right all new Saginaw) disc front (wilwood), hi steer frombi set up (4x4 labs), 440 mopar v8, 727 torqflite auto trans, rebuilt knuckles w less than 20 miles on them, new Humvee shoulder seat...
  2. fjeng

    For Sale Tx: 3FE and 440A trans

    Engine sold! Transmission is rebuilt with documentation and selling under another thread.
  3. GotScout

    Dodge Any Mopar 440-3 guys?...

    Just picked up a crazy steal engine... "November 1974" build sticker... RV cam, headers, no smoke or oil, easy turning, TQ sucking on top, and... 10,000 miles... only. Was in a motorhome... rear axle broke... was sitting on property as a "guest house"... on wheels! :-) Need some tips and...
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