4 low

  1. robustbambi

    Cannot disengage 4 low (FJ62) help, pretty please with a cherry on top

    i made the mistake of putting the 62 in 4 low the other day while trying to go 4 wheeling... well now it's not going back to 4hi. I can move the shifter through its full range of motion, and after looking up at it from underneath the truck, I can see that it IS moving the linkages leading to the...
  2. N

    Front differential slipping in 4 low under strain.

    This past weekend I did some light off-roading here in Virginia in my new to me 87' FJ60. It is bone stock which is the way I like it. So whenever I was going up a steep incline where I needed 4 low once the vehicle came under strain the front dif sounded like it was slipping and not sending...
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