4 doors

  1. Kadjiado

    Original 4 door HJ47 Troopy Find?

    I have another thread which is following my build of three different 40 series as I have been sourcing parts and networking to find wrecks across East Africa I came across and have bought this wreck: On arriving home today I started to google for a 4 door HJ47 - but have found nothing other...
  2. wmatthewt

    4 Door 40 is coming!

    I've been lurking around the Cottonland Cruisers for years, even went to a meeting once. I've had Jeeps and Land Cruisers over the years. I've had a crush on '79 40, that a friend's family has owned since new, since I knew what one was. I've had a 2 and 4-dr Wrangler. But, I kept looking at...
  3. Sporty Forty

    Quad Cab - 4 door coil sprung shortened troopy/extended swb build

    Hi all, Starting to do a 4 door troopy type of thing. Aquala call them quad cab, so I will call it the same. I like the look of their one so heading towards that look, but being in Australia it's price prohibitive to ship that body here otherwise I would. Started off with a 1984 FJ45 ute in...
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