3fe smog pump

  1. AlaskaOverland

    SOLD  2F & 3FE parts dump! Exhaust Manifold, Intake manifold

    EDIT: With magic I've found a way to include photos Hey folks, I have accumulated a massive amount of parts from my 2FE build; I've tried my best to tabulate everything and put it in a folder - I will edit this list as things get picked up. FYI I live in Alaska, but I will work with you on...
  2. M

    For Sale  FJ62 Emissions Control Smog pump - Air Injection parts For sale

    I am selling off my FJ62 parts. I have a complete de-smog assembly from a rust-free 1989 FJ62 California model, removed at 188k mi. several years ago. I will sell the complete assembly for $200 plus shipping and/or will sell individual items, but breaking up the set will not be cheap. Please...
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