3fe fj62

  1. C

    Vacuum line diagram issues

    For the life of me I cannot find a diagram that shows me the whole thing clearly. It always seems to end and I can’t finish the lines on Diety Mike. The one is from the top of my EFI and the other is on the body by the windshield wipers. It’s a 6 cylinder fj62
  2. cruiserjunktion

    Parting Out  1988 Fj62 N Florida 32609

    1988 Fj62 part out Gainesville Florida $1250 3fe w wiring harness $100 ecu $100 dash harness $350 transfer case $175 rear upper hatch $100 lower tailgate $180 ea rocker panel $150 pass fender $400 drivers rear quarter panel $15 coolant bottle $40 wiper motor
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