3b rebuild

  1. OGBeno

    Builds  1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories
    Engine: 3B REBUILD BJ70 JDM

    Well, since crap hit the fan, figure it is time to do this correctly. I was planning on a head rebuild only but when I pulled head and cleaned up pistons, all 4 were cracked unfortunately. So off to the races we go. This thread will document the head and block rebuild. IP has already been...
  2. yotahed

    3B Rebuild and Performance Notes

    I've edited the title to better reflect the content of this thread. Any 3B Performance Numbers, dyno charts, rebuild kit sourcing, engine part quality reviews, turbo selection, intercoolers and real world experience etc. This would be a good place for it. I've been thinking of getting a hold...
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