1. Vlad

    For Sale  34x10.50R17 BFG AT KO2 (5 for sale)

    5 BFG AT KO2s. Less than 5000 miles on 4 with some trail use (scuffs, minor tread cuts). 1 brand new spare. $1500 new. $900. Local pickup preferred. Shipping PM me for price (30188 zip).
  2. PSC93FZJ

    34x10.50R17 KO2's on FJ wheels

    Finally pulled the trigger on these tires. Wheels are oem FJ aluminum - 17x7.5" w/15mm offset. Sitting fine on 220K mile saggy springs but OME 2851/2860's will go on soon. I'll post actual measurements (height/width) and update with new photos after the springs are on. '93 FZJ80 - 34x10.50...
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