3" exhaust

  1. M

    My LJ78 got a brand new 3" exhaust today

    This exhaust really made my cruiser come to life. My old one was restricting, and pathetic. My good friend here in Winnipeg Manitoba at AcrLab, designed and put together a beautiful 3" SS downpipe, and exhaust. My EGTS are down, The toque has been unleashed all through the gears. I couldnt be...
  2. Dork

    1HDFT 3" Exhaust Questions

    So, a short bit of backstory. Truck is a 95 HDJ81, exhaust is new(er) 3" from the cat back, and was put on in Japan before I got the vehicle here. The section from the turbo dump to the cat is still the old 2.5". In the "two birds with one stone" school of thought, I'm getting rid of the...
  3. Jentuh

    HJ61 rebuild from Holland

    Hi guys, If been on and off this forum, mostly viewing and using it on informational bases. If got a HJ61, which I completely rebuild, during a 2 year project. Being away for work (floating somewhere offshore Rio de Janeiro) I have time to post some pics of the past 2 years. I plan on updating...
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