1. kazisaki

    Migrated from 4wd to 2wd: Lockers or traction boards or what? Need help guys!

    Good day guys! I’m from the Philippines and I recently came from an hdj80 landcruiser and a hilux, and now find myself with a 2020 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 diesel AT(hiluxed based suv, but basically suspension and engine is practically bolt on to a prado 120/1) and I have a big dilemma! Since I’m...
  2. shawn edwards

    For Sale  1990 Dually Flatbed-V6-Auto-75k Miles *ex RV

    Engine was serviced at 71500 miles and had the following done at Toyota: New head gasket New radiator New Spark plugs New Knock sensor New battery New Timing Belt, tensioner and spring New power steering vacuum hose new water pump new water pump pully all new belts many other new engine parts by...
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