1. 2KCruiser

    Builds  IH8MUD??? more like IH8CASH, new rig, new addiction, my build, let's Begin!

    While thumbing through the tech page I came across this link last Thursday, Gettin' ready to sell my 80, need some help with a few repairs I thought wow, another OCD 80 owner trying to fix minor details on a 20 yr old truck before listing, sounds good to me. So I soon messaged him and inquired...
  2. 2KCruiser

    Events/Trails  DIY Turbo V1.0, Boosted 80 = Happiness

    So as soon as I picked up this car a few months ago, it has been eating away at me to just slap a turbo on this rig. Since there is so real easy or inexpensive way to do this, of course I had to come up with something completely different. Just a quick history about me, I run a performance shop...
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