2h heater hose

  1. FJ601986

    FJ 60 to HJ60 Rear heater hose inlet.

    Looking for a replacement hose for 87245-90A24. Its for the rear heater water inlet hose. HJ60. 2H Any US parts? Found replacement in AU but shipping is twice the cost of the part.. Anyone have a US part number for MACKAY they make the part in Australia. Thanks. Someday i'd like to get my...
  2. 7

    2H front heater hose fix

    So the previous owner or one of them on my 2H engine had replaced the short heater hose at the front of the engine (which i believe is the coolant return from the heat system) with a regular piece of hose. However this hose must curve in a short distance and always had a partial kink in it that...
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