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  1. F

    Looking for an air cleaner solution for 2F TBI conversion.

    I am just finishing up a 4.3 TBI conversion on my 1976 FJ40. I purchased the kit from AFI and they do not supply an air filter assembly. I want to keep the stock air cleaner if possible which means I will need to come up with an adapter to fit the GM 5 1/8 inch opening up to our @ 3 1/4 air...
  2. Zoverlander

    For Sale  2Fe for sale

    I have a 2Fe for sale. Block is from a 1986 2f and head is from a 1989 3Fe and both are in good shape. All the accessories/manifolds etc. are included except the air cleaner assembly. The water pump and thermostat should probably be replaced. The engine is complete, but I would recommend it...
  3. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    Wanted  2F to GM 4.3 Downey Adapter or something like it

    Hey Guys, I've got a fancy TBI fuel injection project in the works and need something that moves the throttle body away from engine to give me space to play around with some stuff. I missed a bid on Ebay, and now I'm having trouble digging up the adapter. Please let me know what you've got!
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