2f header

  1. Miguel Angel


    Hi. i'm looking for a good used header for my fj40 1982 2f engine. Send pics and price!. Please let me know if you have one! thanks
  2. C

    Question: 2F Header Options with Power Steering?

    I would like to install a header on my 2F FJ4x with unknown power steering conversion. A previous owner installed power steering, it appears to be Toyota parts. The Power steering pump is on the upper passenger side of the engine, so not in the way of the header. The steering box is above the...
  3. Yellow Jacket

    Help ID this header

    Part of the parts stash that came with my 40. Pulled it out last night out of curiosity. A quick google search and it looks a bit like Mark's version (once you look past the caked on dirt). Suggestions on how to clean it up? I guess a pressure washer to start. Obviously the part below the...
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