1. D

    Tire Fitment Question - Please don’t Shoot Me! LOL

    Hello! I have spent hours reading threads about this issue and I have yet to see an answer to the very specific question I have about tire size. I have a 2003 100 Series with stock suspension and stock 18 inch wheels. All I have added to the wheel/tire arrangement is a set of Spidertrax 1.25...
  2. aznxfactor

    295/70/18 with 2 inch lift

    like the title says, can you put 295/70/18s on lc200 with 2 inch lift. Say OME? Im thinking about going ironman foam pro tbh. Please any and all inputs would be appreciated. :)
  3. Bama80

    craigslist 295/70r18 Nitto MTs-New and cheap-Alabama

    295 70 18 nitto trail grappler Not mine and I don't need them but these are a steal of deal (so much so that they might actually be stolen but idk). Posted for $670 in Birmingham. Apologies if craigslist ads in wheels and tires aren't kosher, just thought someone might be interested since this...
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