1. S

    Tires Stock LX 470 !

    Crazy how hard this question has been to find clearly. Please point this newb to a good thread if you know of one I missed but look for best/biggest and most aggressive tire for a 2002 Stock LX 470 with AHC Common answer is 33" or 285/70R17. However I want the biggest tire I can....I don't...
  2. Kurosawa

    Builds  2016 LC Build - DFW TX

    Hey IH8MUD folks, I guess now that I finally have a Cruiser in the drive it's time to introduce myself. Snapped a couple pics of my new to me 2016 below. @mcgaskins, I got one, thanks for the purchasing advice you were so generous with a month or so back. It's use case is that of a long...
  3. Taco2Cruiser

    BFG KO2 285/75r17

    Gentlemen, the unicorn showed up. In my constant search of anything off-road related, I found that BFG added 285/75r17 to the KO2 line up. Part number 74713 Going to be a solid tire for the 200, and with BFG always being just a bit smaller than other brands, could give that bit extra of space...
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