24vdc to 12vdc

  1. Paraglider

    24v parts availability and conversion to 12v

    I'm considering buying a BJ40 series cruiser but was wondering what the availability of parts are for a 24v version. I'm in the U.S. if that makes a difference. Also, was wondering if it's completely stupid to consider converting a 24v to a 12v and how complicated and expensive that would be.
  2. Aaroneous

    Can someone explain what the lines running to my alternator are?

    Trying to get my head around converting this 24V red block 13B-T to 12V, and I want to understand what is there so I can hunt down the right 12V replacement. Is the alternator lubricated with engine oil? Should these oil and ?? lines be retained? If so, where do the capped lines go and what...
  3. Aaroneous

    Wanted  12V 13B-T swap parts for BJ40

    I'm dropping a 24V 13B-T in a '77 BJ40 and need to get my hands on some 12V parts. Looking for... 12V vacuum switch for shutdown Alternator Intake heater & timer Starter (maybe just the motor?) 12V tachometer sensor Anyone have anything lying around that I could buy to get this engine dressed...
  4. Fantom

    Anyone in Australia familiar with Powertech MB3691 24VDC to 12VDC charger?

    There are a few options out there for running 12VDC components on 24VDC trucks. Ranging from running direct off converters to running things off a battery and charging it. I know several guys on here have set up systems using solar charge controllers and converters to recharge batteries. A few...
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